Bosschaert floral still life inspired paper flowers

Bosschaert floral still life inspired paper flowers 

Sarah Yakawonis, 1985-


Paper flowers

Bouquet of Flowers in a Glass Vase

Bosschaert, Ambrosius Dutch, 1573 – 1621


oil on copper

National Gallery of art

Ambrosius Bosschaert was a master of Dutch still lifes, especially those with flower bouquets. That is why I selected this painting to recreate in paper flowers. I thought the combination of flowers an existing challenge. I was also fascinated by the fact that these flowers didn’t bloom at the same time in 1621, so Bosschaert must have worked from his memory, drawings from his studio and his imagination. It never existed in real flowers, but I wanted to pull it from the canvas so that it could exist in paper flowers.

Making the yellow bearded iris and a red-and-white striped tulip, roses, a blue-and-white columbine, fritillaria, grape hyacinth, cyclamen, lily of the valley, forget-me-not, globeflowers, and a sprig of rosemary was a true challenge. I hand painted or printed all of the paper I used, experimenting with several papers, pigments and techniques to achieve this amazing array of flowers! It took over two years on and off to finally bring Bosschaert’s stunning bouquet to life. 

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