Art Nouveau paper flower crown

Art Nouveau paper flower crown

Sarah Yakawonis, 1985-


Paper flowers


Elisabeth Sonrel (1874 – 1953)


Decorative panel

Private collection

Out of all of the Movements of art, Art Nouveau is one of my favorites. I am so enamored with the flowing organic lines, the fantasy, the perfection of every curve. And as a woman with a BFA with a focus in design, I am so grateful for the power of the movement in elevating graphic design, making posters, ads and the like fit to hang on the walls of a museum. I have dozens of books about the movements and its major players. 

The idea for this project started with the flower crown. I started searching through art history for flower crowns. I poured over the work of Botticelli, thought about Neoclassicism, toyed with the idea of Romanticism but when it comes to flower crowns in the history of art, Art Nouveau had the wealth of content I was looking for. I selected this piece by Elisabeth Sonrel because with my long blond hair and pastoral setting it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch, and because I really wanted to recreate the work of a female artist. 

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