I’m back after a wedding adventure!

Hey, so sorry it’s been over a year since my last post! I have a really good reason, I got married! Anyone who knows me knows I am a thrifty lady, so when I got engaged I knew I would have an opulent wedding, that was totally DIY. A DIY wedding is a lot of work, a DIY wedding where every flower is handcrafted is a little crazy! But, now that it’s all done and I’ve taken some time to catch my breath I’m ready to share the story of my process!

I started with a color palette! Spending hours pouring over Pinterest developing the color story I wanted for my wedding!


I became enamored with the mint and coral color craze! I added an off-white and peach to soften it, and navy and metallic gold details to bring some sophistication.

I not only make all of my flowers and template 100% by hand I also hand paint the paper I use. So to make the flowers to tell my color story, I first had to make the paper! It really took weeks of experimenting with pigment, layers, and fails to achieve the colors I was looking for.


And after a few batches, I had a stack I could work with!


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