Get to know an endangered plant – Maui Geranium


Maui Geranium (Eugenia koolauensis)

Listing Status:  Endangered
Where Listed: WHEREVER FOUND (Hawaii, Native)

The Hiwiian islands present us with a different kind of endangered flower. Because of the unique evolutionary pressures make it rare because Maui is the only place this flower has evolved.

The Maui Geranium has delicate pink, purple or white flowers that are pollinated by the native Hawaiian yellow-faced bee. The leaves are often tinged red, possibly an adaptation to protect them against the harsh sun. These endangered plants are found in high-altitude grasslands and forests, and sometimes in the shrubland. These plants grow covering the whole land at their disposal. The Maui geranium is large in size and 75 cm in height; in the spring it assumes a purple colouring.


As spring begins, stems and leaves quickly start to reproduce. We suggest growing the The Maui geranium outdoors year round. These plants aren’t evergreens, which means they lose their leaves some months during the year. The Maui geranium is a perennial herb plant.


If you do spot one please note were it is (your phones GPS can really come in handy for this) and tell the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as soon as you can.

Find out more where I did. . .

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